Saturday, September 16, 2006

Many Thanks!

Edit: check out my hubby's new post. He put a knitting reference in. hehe

The offers of oven usage are much appreciated. That darn thing! When we moved in here, there was a brand new oven. Yay! After about three years, it died. Dead, no good oven! The part for it was more than a new oven. How can that be? My hubby's aunt got a new oven, and gave us hers. It was old, but good, and it baked food! Then, a few months later--another dead, no good oven. We will be getting a new one. My hubby-- the funny one --does not like to spend money, but this is something we need. So, we will be getting one ASAP!

I totally kicked butt cleaning this insane asylum yesterday! We had family coming over for LD's bday, and they all already think all I do is knit all day long. LOL. Usually all of the things I did yesterday would have taken me all day long, but with hubby at work, and the kids at school, I was done in two hours. The cake was baked, and frosted (waiting for Her Majesty to come decorate it). The kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and front hall were clean(enough).

Deep down inside of me is the Monk. Ya know the guy on TV who has OCD, and everything has to be clean and disinfected? Living here, though, with four people who collect stuff, (lots of stuff), and a dog, and a cat does not let me keep this place as neat and clean as I would like. I hate cleaning, but afterwards, when everything is shiny, I love it! I even asked for the shark steam cleaner for my bday. hehehe

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. Lil' Diva has had a blast since Thursday. She got so many nice gifts from our family. Unfortunately $5 of her b-day money was lost somewhere. Longish story. Poor girl. Actually probably poor me, because I feel bad and I will end up replacing the 5 bucks. She got yarn, and a knifty knitter. Her Granny asked if I was shopping for her or myself, and I told her that I would never buy that kind of yarn for myself!! haha, just joking; of course; Sort of. LD does know the difference between yarn, good yarn, and great yarn. I'll teach her more as she grows into a real fiber addict. haha Right now, the colors are pretty important to her.

Also, thanks for the compliments on the stitch markers. I've made quite a few sets of them. I need to get really good pics of the sets, then I will add them to my etsy shop. Everyone who has seen them in "real life" seems to like them. I'll show them off here, as soon as I get some good pics. I haven't even gotten any good knitting time in lately, because I've been making stitch markers, and painting goo on the bottom of my slippers. I do not recommend the black dip the tool goo stuff, because if you slide your foot across a hard floor, you get a black mark. I'm going to find some clear stuff, I think.

Well, gotta go feed kids, pick up a kid, and drop another kid off at her house. Who on earth came up with the term Stay At Home Mom?


del said...

Yes, we ALL just sit around & knit all day long, don't we? I WISH!!! I'm glad your dd had a wonderful b-day (and got yarn, YAY!!!).

PRan said...

Wonderful blog. Read through most of it.
Wish her a Very Happy B'day!
Keep up the goood work.

Mouse said...

Who came up with "stay at home mom"? The same moron that thinks that "housewives" don't do anything all day but eat bonbons and watch soaps. Happy birthday to your kiddo as well!
(blogger comments have been wonky all week..)

g-girl said...

awww, look how happy she is with her yarn. at least she has a good eye for color right now. it'll help her in the long run, you'll see. :)

g-girl said...

oh yeah, sucks about the black marks on your hard floor! I hate black marks myself.

alliesw said...

I too have an inner Monk--which is the only way we can manage to walk through this house inhabited by 4 people and their stuff, two dogs, one very cranky cat, and too many guitars! Hope the birthday was great, and that you get to do some knitting soon!

tatjana said...

Aw! She looks so cute n happy! Glad you all had a good time. Congrats on getting the house clean, I can't imagine how I'll manage when we have kids along with our 2 cats, and of course a dog too ;)

Jane said...

Thanks Areleta - 'my' Jordyn was very proud of herself for winning that race! You will have to keep me informed of your progress in the never ending search for non-skid bottoms for slippers LOL.
Your stitch markers are great!
I'm going to check out your Etsy store now.