Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The kids are at school and I have yarn

Thanks, all, for the nice comments about my socks. I will definitely use the sewn bind off next time I do toe up socks. It used less yarn than the normal knit bind off, too. Those poor socks probably weren't any good, because anyone with a foot big enough for them, wouldn't have been able to get them on. Now, they are just right!!

I saw a pet meme on Red dog knits. It was cute, but I'm lazy, so I'll do mine in pictures. Here is Billie Holiday, and Princess Ein. She is really not very princess-like, or even very lady like, but LD was playing dress up yesterday, and apparently the dog wanted to play, too. She liked the crown and left it on for a long time. When she saw the camera, she posed. Pretty funny. Ein is part Corgi (short legs) and part black lab. She looks like a lab with half sized legs.

Billie is a little snooty. She puts up with the dog, but that's about it. I'm her favorite! She is a short haired tortoise shell. We've had Billie for 5 years, and Ein since January 31st. We got them both from the same shelter. Billie was given up because the previous owners didn't have time for her, and Ein was found wandering around. She obviously was not treated very well. She's afraid of a lot of stuff.

My kids are at school!! We got up on time and everything. After I dropped LD off, I tried to kill myself on my bike. I've been riding all summer, and I've lost 4 pounds! But, today, I decided to go at a grownup speed instead of a 7yr old's speed, and holey cow! I thought I'd die. For real! I only went a few miles, but I went fast and hard, and I think my bike tires need air. I definitely got my heart rate up there.

Now, I'm going to go do the breakfast dishes, so that I have room to dye my yarn. Then, I think I'll even have some time to knit before I go get the kids from school. Whoo hoooo!


Marji said...

good for you, and glad you didn't die out there. Now go climb that hill just outside of Onekama. It's a killer for sure. The day we did the leg of the bike ride from south of Onekama to Frankfort, and it was all hills, I was ready to die when I got to the bottom of the hill. Fortunately, the guys I was riding with had beer waiting for me. let us know how the dying (not dieing) went.

tatjana said...

Woohoo! 4 lbs, that's great :) Now that I'm finally 100% well again, I need to get out biking or jogging too. I love your Billy, my little one is a short-haired tortoiseshell too.

shea speare said...

Cute dogs and cats!

Jennifer said...

Aww, cute doggie and kitty pics. Sounds like you'll get a bit of good knitting time in!

Gewel said...

omg! They're so cute! LOVE the crown. What a sweet puppy.

As for school? Rock. On.