Monday, January 29, 2007

Four Square

Hey, everybody! Thanks for the great comments on my giftie post. I still can't believe I got such nice surprise gifts.

Well, I knitted up four squares for what I think is a good cause. They are all ready to mail out, and I have the address, so they'll be going soon. I know they are just squares of yarn, but they are soft, and they were knitted with great thoughts of healing and of love for another woman who is in pain. I wish I could help everyone, everywhere. Wouldn't being a philanthropist be great? Just giving away help and money to those who need it? I'd love that.

I don't know how the pictures are going to look on here. It was so hard to get the texture to show up. They are 7 inch square each. I thought I had the gauge right, but I had to add some crochet to the edges. My gauging skills suck. As do my pic. taking skills. Oh well, I try.

I used to be a perfectionist, but my kids have cured me of that. It's hard to be perfect when you're human, and when I try too hard, I end up yelling all of the time .... and that's no fun! LOL

I am almost done with the baby genius burp cloths, too. I'm on the last one. There are also four of them. So, I've made the baby that's coming: a purple blankie, a mint green hat, a bright pink hat, a blue, yellow, pink, and green burp cloth. I should make something that's orange, and the kid will be all set. hehe

Well, I wonder what I'll start on next .... I have WIPS and UFOs, and a list of things that I want to knit. I have also joined a KAL for February. There is a really neat button that I'll put up here soon. (Lazy!) Of course, I'll be talking about UFOs, and doing the f. f. or f. (finish, fix, or frog)

I don't think I'll do the dishes until later. Haha, we finally got an oven, and the water heater is messing up. Hopefully all it needs is a part (whatchamacallit heating thingie) which Hubby is going to replace after work. I want the little bit of hot water for a shower. The dishes will still be there. Unfortunately. I could do the laundry, since we wash in cold, but I probably won't do that until tomorrow.

So .. I guess that means I need to go vacuum and knit. :)

Have a great Monday, all y'all!


Julie said...

The squares are beautiful; they'll be much loved! It would be nice to be a philantropist; I often wish I had more time (and money) to give to the so very many worthy causes out there. Oh well, when I win PowerBall :)

If I were you, I'd put off the vacuuming until tomorrow also. That leaves just knitting.

Carrie said...

Your squares look great! How awesome that you're stepping up to help with this very sad situation. I'm going to link you, and cast on something myself.

g-girl said...

the squares look great. I really like the bobbles one. :) that is so sad what happened to that family.
I agree with Julie, the vacuuming can wait. I know mine keeps getting put off! lol.

cps said...

Our water heater is only six. So don't buy a new one until you check with us:)

Nora said...

It IS a great cause and you're a great gal for participating. Your squares are beautiful. x

tiennie said...

Good for you for doing some charity knitting. The squares look like fun and fast projects.

Romi said...

Those are great squares. And they are much needed, eh? I can't think of anything worse than losing a child.

del said...

You're so sweet to help with your squares! They look great!

Christina said...

The squares look great! I wonder what the finished blanket is going to look like with everyone's squares.

Wool Winder said...

The squares turned out great. I like the crochet trim.

Mama Bear said...

The squares look great. I especially like the zigzag one. Thank you!!!

Do I really have to vacuum before I can knit?

I hope you got your shower.

Jen said...

Those are pretty squares =) The afghan is going to be so nice for my friend and her family. Thank you for helping with the squares. -Jen