Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just a quick little explanation of my edit on the last post.

I love my MIL and SIL. I was saying I was being selfish and bratty for caring so much about what happened to a gift I gave. Yes, I know when you give a gift, the person who receives it can do whatever they want with it. That's why I was saying I was being selfish. I was very happy and excited that they liked it so much. I hope that makes more sense. More later ~ I've been crazy busy!

I hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend!

p.s. Does anyone have any thoughts on the new blogger and switching over thing??


Nora said...

Re the new blogger: apparently you just switch over - that's it!
You might want to back up your template b4 though - just copy and paste it to 'word'.
Good luck. x

Carrie said...

Here's my personal philosophy on the Blogger thingy: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. =-)

Momo said...

Hmm, I haven't even been offered to get switched. I want to try it though. It's supposed to have more functionality and the people that I have talked to irl seem to like it better.

My dad seemed to like his soap sock, too. But I'm too far away to really check up on it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh --- I lost my last comment to you. If this message appears twice, sorry!

I agree with Carrie, If it ain't broke... I am SO bummed out that I lost my old layout.

Before I switched to the "new" Blogger, I copied my HTML into Word. After the update, Blogger will no longer accept my old coding.

I contacted the group that developed my old layout code --- they said their designs do not work with the new version of Blogger.

I'm sure someone will "crack" the code eventually.

I would recommend creating another Blogger account and playing around with the layout options --- you can always delete it when your done.

Good Luck!!

schrodinger said...

I've been offered the new blogger, but have stuck with the old, I'm happy with the old one, and haven't heard anything about the new one that would make me want to switch. Plus, I really hate that I can't tab through on the comments with people's new blogger - for some reason it drives me nuts.

g-girl said...

you know that I don't want to switch either. lucky for me, I haven't been asked if I want to switch over yet! lol. I like what I already have too. Maybe switch when you're really ready to do it?

Anonymous said...

I switched but can't figure out how to use the new template; like Stephanie said, it won't take my "old" code. I just retrieved the old template, so I have new blogger, but I use it like old blogger (do you understand that at all?)

Anonymous said...

I made the switch to the New Blogger and it was painless. I made a copy of my template's html code, just in case. My web ring buttons were the only thing that didn't automatically switch to the new template and I knew that in advance because you are allowed to preview the new template before you actually change it. It was not hard to cut and paste and add them to the new template. The New Blogger is much easier to use. I think you will like it.

del said...

Arleta, I'm scared to switch, too--if it ain't broke...I haven't had the kinds of problems some bloggers have, so I'm OK for now.

I care about what happens to my gifts after I give them away, too! Not for store bought but if it's something I MADE, then yeah, I care!

Anonymous said...

Now we know you're ABC's..... :-)
Thanks for sharing.

I switched to the new blogger and I like it. Had trouble getting my side buttons back, but only because I was making it more difficult than it was. It was very easy!!!

Anonymous said...

It's really not that big a deal. I think people are freaking out unnecessarily. Really!

Why don't you open up a new account on blogger beta and have a play. If you haven't already checked out my beta blog, here's the URL:

I set up the beta account while keeping my old blogger account running. When I switched to beta, all my classic blogs (craftybernie, knit1blog2 etc..) merged with the beta blog. Now everything is on one account.

Granted I still have to change my templates on craftybernie and knit1blogtoo. But working with beta is the only way you'll see that it's no big scary monster after all.

Come on over and play......Bernie X