Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Knitting Pictures

We just got back from the park. Which is a good thing, because it is about to rain. The Little Diva (my 7 year old daughter) took pictures of me knitting. You might see them some day, but today you get Old Knitting. (Said with a spooky echo)

Here are my very first hand knit socks. I didn't worry about the not matching thing. I wanted to learn to knit socks so badly, but I had no one to teach me. Not for free anyway. So, I just went and learned all by myself. Thanks to the library and the innernets! These were knit with Lion Brand Magic Stripe. I heard that it's going to be discontinued. I need to go buy more, if I can find it. I like the cheapness, and the way this yarn wears. No holes in these babies!
These are Mother's Day 2005 gifts. I knit the green ones for my mom out of hand-dyed (by me with kool-ade) merino. The striped ones are knitpicks simple stripes. Those went to my mother-in-law. It must be the camera angle, because both pairs of these socks were the same size., even though the green ones look tiny.
Well, thanks to everyone who has read my first couple of posts. I have to go let Little Diva here paint my nails. The fun never ends around here!!


Mama Bear said...

Welcome to blogging! Great job on teaching yourself to knit socks. As for daughters, they grow up way to fast! Enjoy

del said...

I'm a self-taught sock knitter, too! And completely addicted now. Good luck with your blogging :-)

Jennifer said...

Great looking first socks! I love your hand-dyed green ones- wonderful colors. Good luck to you on your blog!

Larjmarj said...

I used that very same yarn for my first pair of hand knits!! Weird!!
Nice blog and good luck fighting the addiction to sock yarn and knitting socks.