Thursday, June 29, 2006

Knitting, Fishing, and Us

At our small town's summer rec. program, I teach knitting twice a week. Whatever kids want to learn that day are shown how , and the ones who already know how, just knit on whatever they want to that day. Well, today Lil' Diva went fishing with the summer rec. kids, while I knitted with some other ones. It was her first time fishing, and she caught a fish! We brought it home, cleaned it, and made some lunch. She took a tiny bite, and said "You eat it. It's yucky." So, I had some perch. She sure doesn't look very diva-ish holding that fishhead, does she?

While we were knitting and fishing; my boys, 13 yr. old MusicMan, and 16yr. old SkaterPunk went to the library TOGETHER! That's a big deal. I love it when they sort-of hang out together. I hope when they grow up they're friends. MM is called that because he's really into the real rock: like The Who and Styx, and lots more. When he was really tiny he was obsessed with the Beatles, and he still likes them a lot. SP would probably be really mad if he knew I call him that. He's into the music thing, too, thanks to their dad, but he skateboards really well, so he's SP.

This has been a lot about stuff and a little about knitting! I am going to go knit on my Jaywalker socks now. I've been knitting them forever. I keep setting them aside, and knitting stuff for other people. I will finish them and then wear them SOON. I'll show y'all a picture when they're done. I'm also going to add some links and fun stuff to this blog as soon as I figure out how!


Anonymous said...

It's nice of you to teach knitting to the kids! That's something they'll have their whole lives.

I can't wait to see the Jaywalkers--I have YET to knit a pair.

AR said...

I think I'll try responding to comments here, in the comments. I also check out the links to commenters.

Zippianna..Thanks LD was so proud of that fish! I forgot to take a pic of the whole thing!

del..I'm glad you like my blog. I like yours too. I think I might have to link to that list you made for your kids. I think all parents will relate to it. Jaywalker pics to come!

Amy Boogie said...

mmm fish heads.
It's cool that you're teaching knitting in the rec program. Ours doesn't do anything like that.