Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pinwheel Blankie

Thanks for your comments on my last post. I'll probably stick with blogger for the time being. I know I need to be a little more patient! I'm too busy and/or lazy to switch stuff up right now, anyway. Needless to say, whatever I do, it's gotta be free.

Thanks for the comments on the pinwheel blanket, too. So, here are some more pics of it. The first try is the one with the white middle. I had some ladders from when I was using dpns. I ripped it and started again, this time, I started with the purple. I really don't know what the self-striping yarn will do when the rounds get really big. Whatever it does, I hope it looks good. So, then, I still have the stupid ladders. I pulled tight, and everything. I don't know how to not get them. The only thing I can think of is using two circs, but I only have one in the right size right now.

Look here, at this picture. I saw a little mistake, and when I tried to fix it, it became a huge mistake with two dropped stitches. I can fix dropped stitches, but not in the yarn over section. Sometimes I wonder if I really know what the heck I'm doing! I don't want to rip it again. I could tink back the few rows and go from there. Ughhh!

It's probably just this time of the month, if you know what I mean. I am grouchy, and bloated, and all the little tiny things that could be ignored seem like the end of the world. I should really just lock myself in my room for a week or so. I want this blankie to be just right! If I have to keep starting over the kid will be in kindergarten before it's done. Maybe I should have just used the cotton-ease I already had. I knit the little hat in it, though, and all of the dishcloths with regular cotton, and I think I may be a little cottoned out right now.

I guess we'll all see what I'll do. I don't even know right now! LOL!

Well, I have at least four big loads of laundry and a pile of dishes calling my name. Nasty housework.

Just Keep Knitting....Just Keep Knitting


g-girl said...

breathe!! maybe you need to step back from it for a lil bit? someone on kr posted a question on how not to get the laddering so you might want to check it out. wish I had some solutions for you. I think that no matter what, mother and child are going to love it because it came from you and it's made with all your love. :)

craftybernie said...

It's such an unusual design and to the non knitter they won't even notice little things like ladders. I am sure it will be appreciated very much.

If it was me, I would pick up the two stitches onto a spare needle just to stop them slipping any more. Then use a crochet hook to pick up the dropped stitches one by one. If the dropped stitches impact on the yarn overs, why not drop a couple of stitches either side of the YO's and pick them up one by one???

Hope the PMS eases up a bit. Can you imagine if every woman in the world locked herself a way for a week or so each month? The world would fall to pieces.. lol.

Mindy said...

The only laddering trick I have found to work is to move two stitches to the next needle every couple of rows. It works like a charm.

Romi said...

If you are getting ladders, try knitting an extra two stitches from the next dpn so that the break moves around the knitted piece. It works. :) They'll love it!

Jeanne said...

I agree - take a small break from it and do something that makes you happy. Then when you go back it might be easier to figure out how to fix it. Good luck and hope your grouchiness goes away!

Mama Bear said...

Find a quiet spot, have a cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea (can help balance hormones) and relax!

Then come back refreshed and try Bernie's fix :)

It will look great!