Monday, October 23, 2006

Blogger's a Big Dummy and a Knitting Picture

Someday, I'll find a real title! haha

Stupid Blogger ate my whole post! Now, I know why everyone is changing, but I don't have time right now, so I'm staying here. For now. Do you hear me Blogger? For Now! If anyone has suggestions for free web host whatchamacallems leave me a comment. I'm really mad at Blogger, The Big Dummys! And now it looks like it's snowing/sleeting yucky whatever!

Ok, now, good stuff only. Thanks for all of the nice comments, everybody. I took some more pics of the old railroad building and this huge water tower that is near it. I'll try to post them sometime. (if blooger will let me)

So, here is a pic of some of the stuff that I'm working on. No, I haven't finished my socks or anything else I may have going. It's my knitting and I'll have startitis if I want to! Here is a dishcloth that will be a Christmas present. It has a picture knitted into it, I hope the person it's for doesn't figure it out, though. If I said what the pic is, she'd know, and she might read this! Then, there is a little hat knitted out of cotton ease, and the start of my pinwheel blanket. They are both for LS's baby . (That is Lisa's Sister's baby).

Speaking of gifts, I went to mail the stuff out for The Dutchican Three, and I forgot that the post office closed at noon on Saturday. I guess I'll do it today or tomorrow. Geeze! Someday I'll get organized and stuff. haha, yeah, right!

The last kid in the whole high school without a cell phone finally got one this weekend. We took our 16yr old over to the cell phone store and got him all fixed up. I got tired of wondering where he was and of him having to borrow a phone to check in. Now, I need one. I know I must be the last mom without one. I guess you could say I'm the Last American (CellPhone) Virgin. hehe What do you think that'll do to my hits?

Oh, yeah, I'm down another 4 lbs. I was a great big number in May, and in September I was down 5, and now I lost another 4. Whoo-Hoo! I am eating right, and healthy. I am working out (some). It's rubbing off on the family, too. I will fit in my real clothes soon!! Yay!

Well, better go do some work. My kids can certainly trash a house in a weekend. The funny thing is two of them weren't even here Saturday night. I guess the mess is all from last night. That's really not that funny. Not when I'm the one doing the cleaning.

Now, this better work! Thanks for reading -- knit on, knitters!!


kristi and otis said...

I'm a fan of wordpress and I'm not real computer literate - have had no probs with pics or losing posts and there is an easy click option to completely upload your current blogger blog to wordpress so you aren't starting completely over. Good luck!

g-girl said...

ahhh, I've missed your posts! :) Congrats on being down 4 lbs. Yahooooo! Keep up the good work. I think we've all been having issues with blogger. They're focusing all their attention on the beta version I think. I'm too lazy to switch to something else! Oooh, the start of the pinwheel blanket is gorgeous! I love the yarn that you're using. :)

Romi said...

Wooo! Congrats on the 4 pounds! That's totally excellent. :)

del said...

The pinwheel blanket is coming along nicely. And YAY that you're getting healthier--that's always a good thing. Congrats on finally gettting a cell phone (LOL) & no longer being a CP virgin.

AR said...

Oh, del, thanks for the compliments, but I am still a CP virgin. We got the kid a phone. You know how it goes, I come last. haha oh well, someday, right?

stacey said...

I'm with kristi and otis on the wordpress blog. I have a blog with them and it's really nice and easy too.

Congrats to the 16 yr old coming of age! CP virgin. LOL. I was too till about three years ago. I can't go three city blocks without seeing one person NOT on their cell phone. I keep asking myself, what did I ever do before I got one? Then I rememember, my palm pilot. LOL. It's a high tech age.

Mindy said...

Yay on the weight loss.

Boo to blogger. I haven't lost a post in awhile, but I have been giving serious contemplation to switching to wordpress.

We switched completely to cells this summer (due to my Dad) and now my oldest (9) thinks he needs to have one. I have already told him not until he is older.

Kadiddly said...

Oh, I know, I just spent all morning arguing with Blogger about posting some pics! How irritating! I'm probably too lazy to move everything, though, but if you find a good place, let me know, too!

That spiral baby blanket looks so cute with the purple and white! Gratz on the weight, too!

Linz said...

Congrats on losing 4lbs!
I'm on Weight Watchers, and it's amazing the difference a few lbs makes!!!!

tatjana said...

Yay you for getting fit! it's something I need to work on too. Don't worry, until recently I was still a phone virgin too, and the one I use isn't even mine! It's the boy's and I don't really no how to use it except for dialing LOL

Wool Winder said...

The only time I lost a post on Blogger, it was my own fault. I clicked Publish even though there was a warning message that told me to check my connection first. I didn't and it was lost. Maybe something like that happened to you?

Whimsical Knitting said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss!!! Doesn't it feel great?! I'm doing the same thing, I feel so much better since eating right and exercising, don't you?!
Sorry blogger is acting up! I thought about moving, too, but, I don't want to move everything right now, one day maybe! If I do I think I'm going to typepad.
I have some friends on blogspirit and they love it (I believe they have a free plan.).

craftybernie said...

Sorry Blogger has been a pain in the rear end. It's frustrating when things go bonkers. When I'm working on long posts i tend to save drafts as I go along. A bit long winded but sometimes it's worth it.

I have to say, I'm happy enough with Blogger for the time being. Hey it's free, and me likes free!

I'm guessing things have been a bit iffy since them that work at blogger have been working on the new version.

In other news, I love the pinwheel blanket. Looks really cool. And you're losing weight - since I've started knitting I've piled on the pounds. You must be doing something right! Keep it up.