Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gray Michigan and Motley Knitting

Another gray rainy day in Michigan. Yesterday was actually very nice. We even went to the park after dinner. My hubby and I walked laps, while I knitted and LD played. I lost a stitch marker, though. I kept thinking I'd stop when I got to the stitch marker, but I never found it, so I looked on my needles, and no more stitch marker. Come to think of it, I've lost dpns at that park before, too.

Thanks for the comments on my super-duper gift from Marji. I am really surprised by the kindness of knitters, sometimes. That yarn is seriously the most fancy, soft stuff that I have ever fondled. Yarny goodness!! I did start casting on for the scarf. 250 stitches. If I could keep going, instead of stopping every few seconds to feel the yarn, I could probably get it done. hehehe.

Baby Dutchican Three stuff!! I knitted three hats, two pair of socks, and one pair of booties. My blogless friend Cindy gave me the most adorable baby blanket, and a pair of wee mittens. There is a picture of the blanket and mittens with the stuff I made at the Warm up the Dutchicans site. Go check it out. That blanket is so cute, I might try to copy it for a pregnant friend of mine, who needs to tell other people that she is expecting so that I can talk about it!! (I did tell my hubby, I tell him everything. It's so hard to keep a secret. Tell already, Lady!!) I need to email somebody, and find out where to send all of this cute baby warmth.
Well, yesterday, I met Carrie for knitting. Mary came over and did some work (eww), but at least she had company while she was working. So, Carrie had to refresh my memory on using two circulars. I'd done it a little before, but then I was using my fave dpns, and I forgot how to do the two circ. thing. As I was leaving, I said that I had to go home and do laundry. Laundry! Yeah, right. I came home and finished the two little tiny hats, and cast on for the scarf that Marji sent me. So, now I really need to go do the laundry, or my kids won't have anything clean to wear to school.

I still don't know what yarn and pattern to spend my b-day money on. I really don't have this problem very often. Usually, I know just what I want, but I don't have any money.

I didn't even read very many blogs yesterday. If I go do laundry and dishes, maybe I'll have a little time to read. Sheeshe! I need a maid so that I can read blogs, and knit, and post on blogs. haha. I'd even just take a dishwasher.


Romi said...

Aaaw! Cute baby stuff! :)

g-girl said...

my favorite is the teal colored hat with the multicolored brim. SO cute! :) I hope your pregnant friend starts telling people already--maybe she doesn't want to jinx things? I dunno. It's been laundry day here too!

tatjana said...

What cute little hats n socks! You are such a sweetie :)

Whimsical Knitting said...

I am so curious about what you are gonna get with your bday $! I can't wait to find out!
Everything is lovely, as usual!

LOL, I just did the same thing on a top I'm knitting when I dropped a marker, kept on knitting! but, I didn't get to far, thank goodness!

Wool Winder said...

I know it's late, but Happy Birthday! Can't keep up with blogs very well when I'm traveling. A maid sounds like a great idea. How about a cook too? Then we could really get some knitting done.

KnitMongrel said...

I'm convinced that somewhere there's a huge collection of lost stitch markers starting a colony. Probably with a whole bunch of single socks. I'd bet that I've spent more money on stitch markers than on yarn, but then, I tend to lose them ALL the time.

Great baby stuff!

Mama Bear said...

Great baby items!

I totally agree on the blog stuff. If I comment, I can't seem to find time to post.. post don't seem to find time to comment, and don't even talk to me about e-mail. I'm as bad about e-mail as I am about getting stuff to the post office!

Happy Birthday!