Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The day after tomorrow .... yikes help!

Here I go again, life is crazy, so I ignore my blog. I've been knitting and spinning, since my big blister healed up on my hand.

I also painted my Turkish spindle. It is orange now (of course), and has sparkles and little black and orange moons and stars.

Here is a before and after picture, and a close up so you can see the little sparklies better.

I like it! That alpaca (I think - is that what it is Carrie?) is now started on this very spindle. It's so pretty; all black with green and blue shiny stuff in it. I like it, too!

The day after tomorrow is going to be a huge day for me. I have been freaking out all week. SP is going off to college! My little artist is all grown up! High school graduation seemed big, now this!!

The longest we've ever been away from each other is one week. Two times in his life, once last year, and once the year before. I am not worried about him, though. He's always been so independent. How did this happen? No, I mean, this is what we strive for when we decide to have children, right? Oh my gosh, my baby is a grown up! It's a good thing I'm immature enough for both of us. :)

Time to go knit some more, or spin, or pace around hoping for the best!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the paint job on the spindle.

It's so hard to see our "little" ones grow up, isn't it? Hard, but also very satisfying. Is he going close enough that he'll come home for weekend visits occasionaly?

Kelli said...

I was very happy to go to college, but I also went home every weekend the first semester.

Wool Winder said...

Sending the first one off to college is always the hardest.

g-girl said...

hope today went okay and that there weren't too many tears!

Anonymous said...

The time goes by so fast, doesn't it? Hope you can cope without TOO many tears.

Carrie said...

So are you okay? Did everyone go all right? Have you recovered from letting him go yet? That's too sad, but I hope that everything went well, and you're feeling all right. Call you tomorrow!

zippiknits said...

My eldest first went away to work a summer at a fish market deli on Catalina Island, and he was almost paralyzed with loneliness. I hope it gets better fast for you.

The turkish spindle is beautiful!

Valerie said...

Beautiful painting job! And I am totally running off with that yarn!