Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sock yarn and stuff

Pardon the terrible pictures, (Click on it to look closer) but I took the stripey ones late last night, right before I ripped the sock out, and rolled the yarn back into a ball.
The pattern is really neat, it's called the Treillage Socks, and I found it on Ravelry. I love the way the twisted knit stitches poke out in such a pretty pattern.
The first yarn I was using is Austermann Step with aloe and jojoba oil in it, and although I love the way it feels and looks, the yarn was just too slippery to do the twisted stitches. Especially on my metal needles.
So I ripped it out and started again today with some loverly yarn Rhoda sent me. It's hand dyed from See Jayne Knit. I think it might be an etsy shop. I love the colors, and the pattern is easier to do without the aloe and jojoba making it too slippery.
Well, SP starts his college classes tomorrow. I keep finding reasons to call him. I knew I'd miss him, but it's almost like I forget he's gone to school, and I keep thinking that kid should be home by now! lol I do think I'll have to dye some yarn maroon and gold. I got a bag, that I use for knitting (of course) and a tshirt with the college name on them. I am so going to be one of those parents that gets all of the stuff in her kid's school colors. At least he's only a couple of hours away, and will be visiting during the school year, and he'll be back for summer.
It's late, Lil AR should be in bed, but I told her she could play some mahJongg before bed, so I'd better get going!
Knit On All!!


Carrie said...

Awww, that's sweet that you keep calling him =) My mom and I talked a lot when I was in college. It helped ease the stepping-away-from-home feeling.

Good job ripping out the socks and starting again. I don't always do that, then struggle with the whole project.

*waves to little AR* I'll talk to you later!

Jeanne said...

The socks are very pretty - I love SeeJayneKnit yarn. It is hard to adjust to kids being away in college - at least he'll be able to visit during the year!

Anonymous said...

Pretty socks!

Good thing he's not far -- he can always bring his dirty laundry home on the weekends!

g-girl said...

well, even though the socks were hard to do in the austermann yarn, the striping was cool. the pattern looks good in the blood orange too. i just might have to add that pattern to my queue now. lol. awww, that is so sweet that you keep waiting for him to just come home and have kinda forgotten that he's away at school. you'll see him soon enough though!

Carrie said...

Your socks are so much further along, you have to post new pictures! Thanks for making the stitch markers. I appreciate it! I'm deliberately not learning how to do it, so I can keep you in yarn money =)