Sunday, January 06, 2008

What you been up to?

Well, tomorrow is the day. The kids go back to school, and I am not ready. We've been staying up way too late, and sleeping in, and doing pretty much nothing for two weeks!

I've been doing a lot of kakuro, and sudoku puzzles. When I was a kid, my mom would get tired of my noise, and sit me down with a puzzle book. Kakuro and sudoku were called cross sums, and to the nines in those books, but they are the same puzzles, and I still love 'em! I was going to put some links, but if you search those names, there are a billion to choose from. I guess if I run out of books, I can do them online. Then, my Brain Age game for the DS has sudoku built in, so I guess I'm all set.

I've been knitting, too. My mom's Christmas slippers, the second pair (the ones that'll fit - oops) are almost done. I just have to do the second sole, and felt them. I'm finally binding off on the baby blanket. I think I'll redo the pink hat and booties with the border yarn. It's white with little bits of blue, green, purple, pink, green, and yellow. Then, I can gift the matching set. I also got yarn for Hubby's Aunt's birthday socks. I have to start them soon. Her birthday was December 30th. Oops. There are the nephew's clogs. Huge footed boys! I forgot to take an after-felted picture, though! Oops again! hehe

The Christmas decorations are packed away, and just need to be stuck back up into the rafters in the garage. That's Hubby's job. I just stand in the way saying "Don't fall!" and "Do you need help?".

Today is the SP's girlfriend's birthday. I just realized a bit ago, that she is older than I was when I got married. Wow! I feel old! She knitted SP the cutest blanket for Christmas. I should see if they'll mind if I post a pic.

I haven't been reading blogs. Oh man, I haven't even wanted to be on the computer, after the really smart (sarcasm) thing I did. I wanted to get all the songs on my mp3 player in the order I wanted them, so I moved them to the computer, changed names, and numbered them, and a bunch of stuff. Then, I put them back on my player, and they were still playing alphabetically, but not the way I wanted them to. So, Hubby says did you hit apply after changing the info? Ugh! 168 songs. Yep, I did it again! I made it work. Pretty much. It's good enough, anyway!!

So, that's what I've been up to. How about all of you? I'll be around to the blogs soon to see!

Knit on!!
p.s. I almost forgot it 48 degrees. In Michigan. In January!


Carrie said...

Yay for the warm weather! I love it. And yeah, we're not ready for school to begin again, either. Guess we were just cut out to be vacation people! =) You know, the holidays are over, and you're still turning out the knitting! Nice job on the baby blanket. You're done - huzzah! Can't wait to see it in its finished beauty.

Wool Winder said...

We've been enjoying nice weather over here to, only our temperatures have been in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Did Carrie say yay for the "warm" weather?? I thought you said it's 48 degrees! You all would die laughing to see how we bundle up for 48 degrees--that's positively freezing to us, lol.

Kadiddly said...

Wow, it's warm! It's only 51 here - you're almost as warm as California! (Which means we're freezing, basically!)

Nice projects - you've been busy! Wow!

Valerie said...

I am such a fanatic over cross word puzzles. My dad and I used to sit down, each with our own copy of the same book, and compete to see who could get done first. Good Days!

I haven't been on the computer much either... it was cutting into my knitting time and I can't have that. -=giggle=-

Kadiddly said...

Yeah, last week was a little crazy, but this week hasn't been too bad. Or rather, it's been just as busy, but more class and less work, so it feels better! =)

I'm still drooling over the Jaywalkers in your pics, btw...