Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too Busy To Think Of A Title

Busy, busy, busy. That's me lately. I keep thinking things will slow down, and I'll have more time to do stuff, but when I finally get time, I'm too tired to do anything, but knit or laze around.

Tomorrow, the third graders are going to have a spinning lesson. The teacher is so excited, and so am I, but now I'm starting to get a bit nervous. They made their cd spindles yesterday, and the kids all had to show me when I went to get LD from school. On Wednesdays the kids can stay in from recess, and the teacher, her friend, and I help them knit, then after that, when the rest of the kids come in, the teacher reads out loud and they can keep knitting, if they listen to the story. Tomorrow, when we're done with the knitting, it's time to spin. They each have a baggie of wool, (from Boogie's shop) and we'll see how it goes. Luckily, I won't be the only grown up there!

I finally finished the picot bind off on the pinwheel blankie for LD's friend's new baby sister. She'll be here in a few weeks. I have one bootie done, and the hat almost done. They are so cute, and soft. I knit the hat a little bigger this time, since babies heads only seem small. Hubby saw the bootie, and said "That wouldn't have fit any of our babies" Yeah, they were big, but the bootie is stretchy, so I think it'll be ok.

Of course, I thought my mom's Christmas slippers were big enough, too, and I ended up giving them to our 4 yr. old niece. Mom's new slippers are done now. I just have to let them dry, and give them to her. I shrunk 'em yesterday, but now I'm afraid they might be a little too big. I guess we'll see about that, too!

I finished the socks for Hubby's Aunt, and gifted them to her. She loved them, and I got a big hug, but I forgot to take a picture of the finished socks, and the cute little label I printed out for them. Sheeze! Good thing I got a new camera for Christmas, huh?

I am almost on my 200th post. If I was ever on here, I'd be past already, but you know; busy! I have a little contest planned. LD and I went to the yarn shop, after her first ever basketball practice to pick out a little prize. :) LD does not like running, and I thought she'd hate b-ball for all of the running, but she loves it! She's been waiting forever to be old enough to start. Poor kid, spending years watching her brother (MM) play ball, and watching her dad on the 'old guys league'. Finally, it's her turn, and although they don't play against other schools yet, she's loving it. The only bad thing is practice is Saturday mornings at 8!

I have been awful about answering my comments. I apologize. Busy, or lazy, whatever....I promise to do better, and to find time to stop being a lurker, and become a comment leaving addict on everyone else's blogs again soon.

Gotta run. Things to do ~ Stuff to knit!

See ya soon, with a fun little contest to celebrate my 200th post.


Kadiddly said...

Busy busy!

Congrats on 200 posts! I can't wait to hear the report of the spinning class!

Craftybernie said...

Hey you busy busy bee!

I know what you mean about lurking and not leaving comments. I've definitely become more of a lurker in the past year and I guess we're all in the same boat... everyone has shot of in their respective creative directions of knitting, spinning, sharing their crafts at schools etc... But I'm sure folks understand.

Good luck with the spinning tomorrow. Enjoy it. The kids will love it - Katie certainly does!! And how cool that they've all made their own cd spindles. Brilliant!

Schrodinger said...

Wow you are busy aren't you? I reckon you're going to have a lot of fun spinning with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. That's just life! That pinwheel blanket is adorable; what a lucky baby.

At least you've had time to knit AND teach kids. That's very cool.

Anonymous said...

I love your felted clogs! :) That's the Fiber Trends pattern, right? I keep meaning to get that....

Congrats on the approach of 200 posts. That's what I call Blogging Dedication! :)

Anonymous said...

What fun it'll be to teach the kids spinning! They're young enough that they'll probably catch right on and I'm sure they'll love it.

Your mom's slippers look great; mine are almost dry and I can't wait to start wearing them.

Larjmarj said...

Love the pink clogs, especially how you did the sole.

I know what you mean by busy although I find that Ravelry is a big time suck these days. A

Are you on there yet! You should be ;-)

g-girl said...

that is so cute that LD is on a basketball team! glad she loves it. hope spinning has been going well with the 3rd graders. your mom's new clogs are cute. love the color! i've been doing some lurking myself. :(

Deborah said...

spinning lessons for kids is so big! you will change their lives forever!

Carrie said...

Great knitting pics! And a friend of mine called you an "Ambassador for crafting." Isn't that an awesome title??? Good for you to take the time to teach kids how to spin. That's a great thing to pass on.