Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Look at the pretty yarn

Will a picture of pretty, soft, sock yarn distract you from the boringness of my posts?

This gorgeous yarn came from Jan, another Michigan knitter. It is so seriously soft! I'm going to use it for myself! Thank you, Jan!! I love it!

Well, yesterday I thought I'd steal a little time for posting after I had an unbelievably crazy day, but the internet went down!

Here's how the crazy Monday started:
In the middle of the night, the answering machine kept going off, talking to itself. I finally got up at 5 and shut it off. So, when we got up for school, the phone was total static, no calls could come in or out. (I thought) So, after taking the kids to school, I went to my mom's to call the phone company, and I couldn't get through. (Big surprise!) So, I chatted for a bit, then left to go to the post office, and run errands.

As I was driving past my house, I saw the cops pulling up to my door! So, I pulled around back and ran around the house. I was scared something happened to one of the kids, or something. The police man asked if this was Arleta's house. (pronouncing my name wrong) and I was like "Yes, Arleeeeta." (Not Arletta) and he said "Is she alright?" He sounded worried. I said "Yep, I'm standing right here. Why?"

That's when he told me a 911 hang up call went out from my house and when they tried to call back all they got was static! I told him the cat and dog were the only ones home, since I had been at my mom's trying to call the phone company, and he said ok and left.

Later, I got to thinking what if I hadn't been who I said I was. He never asked for i.d. That's a little bit scary!

I just got back from 'work'. I'm hoping this gig will turn into a real job! I LOVE being a stay at home mom, but the choice may be taken away from me, and if I have to work outside the home, I guess there could be worse jobs. It's close, and the boss seems to understand that my kids still need me.

It's almost time to go get the kids, but I thought I'd try to sneak a little update in here. I've been typing all day, anyway. ;)

I've been knitting on my UFO Jaywalkers, I started LD's Topi, and I've been trying to make myself knit the never-ending red squares for SP's blanket. Poor MM, I have to come up with something to knit for him, too. All of that makes for some boring pictures.

I have 30 or so emails from y'all, friends, and family that I need to get to. I just want to say Thank You for the nice 'get well' wishes from everyone. I hate being sick! It is going around, though, so be careful!!

Knit On!!


g-girl said...

oh my gosh, the yarn Jan sent you is gorgeous!!! What are you going to make with it??? yikes...the cops were @ your house while you were @ your MIL'S? How'd the cops know it was Arleta's house?

tiennie said...

How weird?!!

Distract me with yarn? I'm easily distracted!

GaiaGal said...

Wow, what a strange little happening.

Whew! Glad i know how to pronounce your name properly, in case i ever meet you in person. I was over there in the cop's camp of pronunciation. Ooops!

Valerie said...

Wow, that is pretty scary. It's weird that people who are supposed to protect us can be so careless.

Anyways, that yarn is beautiful! I am glad you are feeling better too!

Romi said...

That is totally mouth-watering yarn! Did you write anyhting else? I don't remember now.... ;)

Kadiddly said...

Yikes, what a weird day! Did you ever find out what was up with the phones?

I think I'd take the rest of the day to pet the yarn. Yes, definitely pet the yarn! So pretty!

Carrie said...

Yeah, these local cops are pretty scary that way. The yarn is beautiful! Bring it today. I want to touch it =) Plus, I need updates on everything.

Wool Winder said...

Now I know how to pronounce your name. Hopefully I'll spell it right from now on too.

Stephanie said...

Pretty yarn!

Kind of creepy that the police officer didn't ask to see your ID...hmmm.

Hope your phone line is fixed!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful yarn! And that cop-story...how strange!

Momo said...

Wow, that is delish!

That's a strange deal with the cop, but I am glad you wrote that story out because I was saying Arleeta in my head!

schrodinger said...

Love that yarn, very pretty.

Glad to see you're feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn!

It is kind of scary that the cop didn't ask for i.d.!

Larjmarj said...

Gorgeous yarn.

That is kind of d-u-m-b of the cop not to ask for ID or anything.

So what's the new job all about?

Janice said...

that yarn looks amazing!! Sounds like you had quite the day... Never fun when a cop car pulls up to your house!!! I think it calls for some knitting time to relax and get over the trauma..... :-)