Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy weekend

Well, thank you to everyone for the encouraging comments. You won't believe what the weather did here! I got up this morning, and looked out the window at a scene from the North Pole! It snowed again! The kids have a two hour delay. Watch us be late anyways! I hope this is the last snow storm of the season. I need some sunshine and warm weather!

We had quite a busy weekend. Thursday LD and I came home from the post office with a package! She saw the return address and said, "It's yarn, I can tell, because it's from Rhoda." hehe She's so cute sometimes. She wanted to open it, so I said she could as soon as we got home.

We walked in the door to the phone ringing off the hook. It was the mother of one of LD's friends. Play date? Yes! So, she forgot all about the box, and I couldn't wait for her to come home, so .... the phone rang again! It was SP and MM, they wanted a ride home, since the after school group they are in wasn't meeting that day.

I finally got the box open, totally expecting only yarny left overs for soap socks, I was very glad to see the most beautiful orange stitch markers ever in there with the yarn! I tried to get a good photo, but those lil' things are hard to capture! (Click the pic and see how great they are!) Then, when LD got home she had to make a bracelet out of some of the yarn. Thank you, Rhoda, you sweetie!!

So, Friday night, LD went to a friends house, and MM and I went to my best friend Lisa's house. When we left I had two extra teenage boys with me. LOL The three of them came into the kitchen and said "You're the best Aunt, You're the best Mom ever" .... What could I say to that? Of course they could come spend the night.

Saturday, I picked the Little Diva up from a very fun Shamrocky birthday party. She was so tired out, that she fell asleep while we were taking Lisa's boys home.

When we got home we had a green dinner. Everything except the meat (yes we are carnivores) was green. LD wanted to dye the meat with food coloring, but I couldn't stomach that idea. LOL

So, Saturday night, LD and I went for a nature walk. We needed something to put in the pretty vase my bestfriend had given me the night before. The sun was slowly setting, and it was cold, but not windy. We saw some of her friends out, too. We found some dried weeds and pretty sticks, and a pine branch. There isn't anything growing around here right now, but it looks nice. (If you click the picture you should be able to see more detail)

While we were out, we decided that we needed the camera, so we came home for that and LD's scooter. We went across the street to the bay, and tried to make it to the beach before the sun was all the way down.

That was a fun time! We even went some where on Sunday. I really can not wait for the weather to be nice enough to just up and go out to get the fresh air with out freezing!

Oh yeah, I dyed my hair again, too! I'll have to post a pic, because I know everyone wants to see. LOL! It's a really dark red with lighter red streaks. I like it.

Knitting? Oh, yeah, I did a tiny bit of that. Nothing exciting, though. I need to find an exciting pattern, but all of those UFOs are getting to me. I have to finish something first. Urgh. I did post the soap sock stats on my other blog.

Hope your knitting is more exciting than mine is right now!

Here is a little info on Lake Michigan that I looked up:

  • It is the second largest of the Great Lakes by volume

  • 118 miles wide

  • 307 miles long

  • 925 feet deep (at it's deepest)

  • More than 1600 miles of shoreline

See, it's a BIG (Great ~ hehe) Lake. I guess we're in the Central Northern part of Lake Michigan. The bay flows into the lake and you can see the shore across the bay from our house. I complain about the weather, but I don't know if I could live (in the summer time) without Lake Michigan.


cindy said...

What a neat package!!! What is the lovely pink fiber? Love the stitch markers!!

Wool Winder said...

Sounds like a very fun time. You are lucky to live so close to the lake. So pretty!

Romi said...

Nothing makes it feel more like spring than a dood red dye job! :)

Sounds like a great weekend!

del said...

What beautiful stitch markers! It's always nice to get packages in the mail.

I've seen Lake Michigan from Chicago & I agree, it's lovely!

g-girl said...

you're welcome for all the goodies. :) Tell LD, her bracelet is very cool! :) I have to tell you that I did my own research of all the great lakes last night--my fiance and I couldn't remember the names of all 5 of them so I had to look it up on wikipedia! I read up on all the lakes and wondered which one was it that you lived closest to (because I couldn't remember!). :)

GaiaGal said...

Cute pics of "The Knitter Girls", i see you sporting your hat and fingerless stylish!

Love the sunset photo. I can't wait to move back and be by the Lake again. Sigh!


crissy said...

those stitch markers look like serbert ice scream. totally yummy. and i love your adventures. another blog you sound like me i have three going LOL i should work on one of them again soon . maybe comdey alaska . right now i dont want to move just to tired. LOL
hugs see you again

Kadiddly said...

Pretty stitch markers!!

My mom is from the UP, near the Lake, and misses the winters up there for some reason. Her family had a cabin up there for summers, though, and it was really beautiful.

Zippi said...

Everytime I look at your blog after a few days I am amazed at all that you do! Whooot! Love the soap things. They are so swell!

tatjana said...

Yay mail! Those stitch markers rock. I love the picture of LD by the cannon - so cute!

Stephanie said...

It's interesting to see your pictures...The weather is so different, here, on the other side of the lake.

Good news! Our high tomorrow is going to be near the warm weather is headed your way!!

tiennie said...

Great loot!

Momo said...

Those are some nice markers!

Sharon said...

Some US place names are well known and Lake Michigan is one of them.

Oooh nice goodies in the mail too, I love parcels especially knit related ones!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

There's nothing like finding fun things in the mail!

elan said...

We've got a cottage on Lake Huron & I can't wait to get up there, in the winter they don't plow the road so we can't visit very often, for me it's become a symbol of spring.