Thursday, March 05, 2009

MIA Blogger Found

I'm back again. Truth is, I've been stressed, and when I'm stressed and depressed, I react by avoidance. Yep, avoiding everything. I have been knitting, and spinning, and obsessively thinking about dyeing yarn, though.

I remember promising some pictures, and I've finally decided to get off my lazy butt, and show off a bit. To the right are pictures of the awesome quilt my MIL made for my husband and me. It queen sized, and I picked the colors. Actually, they are his faves, if I chose my favorites, the quilt would have been orange (and black). Of course! I love it, though. It's huge, and warm, and she did a spectacular job!

These pictures are some of the gifts that I knit for Christmas. I made so many things this year! I was bad and forgot to take pictures of most of them, though.

I made MIL some ft clogs, but I attached real slipper bottoms (plasticy rubber ones) to the bottoms. I made her sister the blue ft clogs.

I am especially proud of the flip top mittens, though. I handdyed the fiber, spun it, plied it, and knit some fingerless mitts for Oldest Son's gf. Oldest Son said she had been shopping for just the right flip top mittens, so I finished the thumbs, then picked up stitches and made mitten tops that flip down. I found a really cute button (no pic) and voila! She was wearing them every time I saw her before they went back to college. It always feels so great when people appreciate handmade gifts.

The striped gloves were for Oldest Son. I dyed the yarn, hoping for black and white, but the black broke (I guess that's the dyeing term I mean) I love how the black/brown/whatever stripes turned out (full of win) so I like them anyway.

The last pic is of some handspun (by me) mitts I made for Lil' AR.

So, I hope to get on here alot more, and come visit all of my fave blogs. Maybe when winter gets out of here, I'll feel better. I finished a big (for me) knitting project, and as soon as I get some good photos, I'll be back to share!

Knit on!


Mouse said...

Yup.. the dye broke. Cheaper black dyes will do that.. the yarn dyers who use Wilton's have a list of colors that will do that -- I think the black turns red & green in that one. Weird huh?
Nice to see you around again.. I totally understand why you aren't blogging, I feel the same way lately.

zippiknits said...

Welcome back, Luv, and thanks for the nudge over yonder. Thanks for sharing all your pictures, the beautiful gift quilt, and the Xmas knitting, and all the STUFF!

I feel the same way about life atm. My ancient doggie.. sigh... Thankfully, my own crafts, as do yours, pull me back up, by the scruff, out of the dark little rabbit hole I bolted down.

Anonymous said...

YAY, it's great to see you back at the blog! You've been missed.

The quilt your MIL made is gorgeous.

Your knits are all beautiful; I love that you hand dyed, spun and knit them!

Carrie said...

Did your mother-in-law machine quilt it herself? It looks great! Glad to see you back in blogland, slacker =)

tatjana said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one who goes AWOL ;) Very impressed at all you managed to make for Christmas, I only managed a couple of hats lol! The felt slippers are especially great, gotta make me some of those...when it gets cold again :)

Amy said...

I understand about the avoidance! I can't get my homework done, but I have no problem carrying around these tiny little needles!

Deborah said...

avoidance, yes, that's the word i should have used when everyone asked me where i've been! instead i used recluse and withdrawn and depressed and... avoidance, would have been better.

hope you are feeling better as i'm trying to now that spring is threatening to happen!

Miri Mack said...

Ooh! I adore the slippers. Lucky recipients.

g-girl said...

you're MIA again, hon! hope all is well and you've been enjoying the summer!