Friday, May 04, 2007

Blah, blah, blah....

I swear I am trying to answer all of the great comments by email, but I am so far behind in everything! We did have a great trip, and I am so appreciative to have such nice friends to share the happiness with! Thanks for all of the nice comments. :)
I checked my bloglines feeds, and I have (this is embarrassing) over 300 to read! Man, y'all post a lot!! LOL (not 300 blogs, 300 posts!)
Here are some pics of some things I gave away already; I made the soap socks for Lisa's parents. Just as a little thank you for taking such great care of us for a whole week. And the bracelet went out to Rhoda. LD said "Mom, she's not going to like it....She's going to love it!" And she said LD is right! :)

So, yesterday, I went on a field trip with the LD. 33 second graders. I needed something a little more simple than my sock, (which I am in love with) to knit on the bus (and suck in little pre knit addicts) hehehe.
I cast on this dishcloth, and finished it. The kids love to see me knit. A few of them are in my after school knitting class, too. As soon as I got that dishcloth done I had to go try it with another color, and of course one more! I might have to go join Carrie's contest. I wonder if there is still time?
See the cute little sheep? That is a littlest petshop pet. LD gave it to me, since it is a sheep! :) I am afraid that the sock is going to be for LD, though. I guess we'll see. I am on the gusset, and I hate to admit it, but I think I am going to have to let her have this one. Darn my BIG feet. LOL
On Tuesday afternoon, the afterschool classes started up again. I am, of course, teaching knitting. I love my new little class. I have six boys and four girls! Isn't that great? They are so happy to be making things and having something so fun to do.
Well, my boys, MM and SP, went to the beach last night, and I HAVE to vacuum. I was talking about the sand in the kitchen (and everywhere) and no one was surprised. Oh, yeah, we live on the beach. I should just have a sand floor!
Hope your weekend is great!! All y'all should stop over to Rhoda's tomorrow, and tell her "Happy Birthday!"


KnitterBunny said...

Glad you're back to posting. :) I was wondering when you'd get around to putting up some more pix.

Romi said...

Totally adorable sheep! You gotta post more more more! ;)

Carrie said...

My daughter has that littlest pet, and named her lamby. So cute! Of course there's time for the dishcloth contest! Deadline is Saturday night, so you're in! Very cute washcloth (good idea as a carry-on project)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the Bloglines! I had 262 listed on my bloglines last night. You can't skip a day or you'll fall behind :)

I love that you have so many boys in your knitting class!

Valerie said...

I love that little sheep. It is too cute! It's awesome that you teach knitting to kids. I always think it's interesting that in most child knitting situations most of the knitters are boys as well.

g-girl said...

I was up to 100+ as of a few hours ago..still behind though. love the sock!! My sp recommended that pattern to me too! :)

zippiknits said...

That sheep is totally cute, lucky you! And the sock is, well, drop dead gorgeous. Just make yourself some, too. Tell LD that it was planned that way, to test the pattern. hehe

Bloglines is a good idea because it's fairly deadly to try to list all the ones you actually read.... Scroll, scroll, scroll.