Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh darn, I need a title

Yesterday, we celebrated World Wide Knit In Public Day at the park with a bunch of knitters. LD was my photographer, and even though the date on the pics say the 15th, it was actually the 14th. The same thing happened to the graduation pictures. (They all say the 9th, but it was really the 8th) I fixed it today.

Carrie was there, and Melanie, our knitting buddy, LD's third grade teacher (she also taught me and both of my boys) was there. I should do a post on her sometime; she's awesome. I have posted a little about her before.

The LYS owner brought yarn and there was a special braiding project to try. Unfortuately all of the pics of me knitting look too awful to post. I don't know why I can't just smile until the picture is over. I just have to start talking, or turn my head. Oh well.

It was a really nice, sunny day, but later after we came home there was another thunderstorm (we've had quite a few lately) and there was hail. Click the pics to see it bigger.

There was a real photographer there, too, for a little newspaper here, or something. I'm not sure, because while he or she was there, I was at the yarn shop with Melanie (red shirt in the pics). I had some sock yarn money burning a hole in my pocket. LD will be in the picture, though. That's just the way it goes. lol I did get some really cool looking Austermann Step, though. I'll snap a pic and show it off sometime.

Speaking of showing off....I have some more pics from graduation. My little SkaterPunk is an artist, and he had a showing in the front display case of his school. The art work behind these pictures is all his. Some of the pottery he had there was already removed, though. I am so proud! He asked me for some of his old work, and told me there was going to be a senior art show, he just didn't tell me it was him!! His class voted him most talented, and class rebel. Yeah!!

I stuck a couple of pics of him standing with part of his class, too, because they are just so funny to me. I always think of him as my little boy, but he is tall! As I was looking at all of the pictures from graduation, I realized that he is a head taller than everyone else. I think that's so cool. (He is easy to spot in each pic)

We went to his college orientation on Wednesday, and I would have had a really cool knitting story, if I weren't such a chicken. As Hubby and I were waiting for SP to get done with his student part of the day, I was looking around for a seat to get comfy and knit in, and there was this kid knitting. He was a cool kid, too, you could tell from the yarn he was using. hehe I tried to sneak a pic of him, but none would turn out. Hubby said I should just go tell him I'm a blogger (or crazy knit addict or something) and ask for a pic. His parents were there, and he was probably 18, since he'll be a college freshman, but I chickened out. As they were leaving, though, he saw me knitting, and smiled and gave a nod to my project. I told SP that he should make friends with this kid, since he's obviously very cool. ;)

Well, enough bragging, I am working on four projects right now (sweater, baby blanket, and 2 prs. of socks). I have a list of things my loved ones want, too. I joined ravelry today, though, so who knows when I'll have time to knit. Who'm I kidding? I'll make time!

Knit on!!


Deborah said...

bummer, I was too busy to enjoy WWKIP day. Looks like you had a fun time!

Liz said...

Ok, I'm friending you on Ravelry immediately! A big congrats to your artist/son. That's very cool! And I am jealous, as I did not get to celebrate WWKIP day either, as hubby was out of town so I was in charge of the little turkey...maybe next year! You setup looked so nice and relaxing...

Carrie said...

Great pictures, AR! Very fun. I joined Ravelry months ago, and I just can't find the time. Maybe I'll be motivated now =) Actually, I'm a little intimidated by it, so you learn first, okay?

Wool Winder said...

Looks like you guys had a great spot reserved to knit in public.

Julie said...

I just went over to Ravelry and friended you! It's about time you're there :)

That is one very handsome and talented son you have. You should be very, very proud of him.

g-girl said...

wow, sp's art is amazing!! is he going to study art in college?